Dr. Gladstein, VMD

As a House Call Veterinarian practicing alternative solutions to your pets medical problems, I find Tazz to be a wonderful resource for food and supplements. Her diet advice to all consumers is spot on—both from a Veterinary nutritional stand point and from your life style needs. The guidance she gives is factual and professional.

Dr. Alberto Gil

Homeopathy, Chiropractics & Laser Therapy, Feline, Canine, & Equine

As a holistic veterinary practitioner, I would wholeheartedly refer her to all of my clients - her knowledge of nutrition and supplementation is exceptional. She knows the pet food market place and the proper balanced diets necessary to keeps animals healthy. She is my go to person when it come to an animals overall well being.

Hanna Mandelbaum

Co-Founder, Evermore Pet Food, Inc.

I first met Tazz seven years ago when I went to [Tazz] to pitch what at the time was a new product. I remember her being actively engaged, asking tough questions. This consideration of the individual is something I have seen her demonstrate every time I have come into contact with her over the years. Unlike many in the field of nutrition (be it for animals or humans), Tazz does not subscribe to a cookie cutter approach or push specific brands. She truly takes the time to learn about her clientele so she can suggest the best solution for whatever health issue they may be facing. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and passion for helping pets and their people is refreshing and rare – I have met a lot of “experts” over the years and Tazz is the real deal.

Audrey Gilbert & Desi

I cannot overstate how fortunate I feel to have discovered Tazz and the service she provides.  Without question, I attribute the current excellent health of my dog, Desi, (and my peace of mind), to being in her care. 

In November 2015, Desi, then 5 years old, had a routine blood test which showed his liver enzymes were very high, which is not good and caused me great anxiety.  After discussing the test results with Desi’s vets, of which I have a few (conventional, integrative and homeopathic) the recos, for the most part, were to take a wait and see approach. After a second test a few weeks later, results still showed high liver enzymes. Desi’s vets do serve an important role, but in my gut I knew something was missing and that I could be doing more to get to the root of his health problem, which brings me to Tazz..

When I met with Tazz for a consultation she asked me detailed questions no one else had asked me, the first being related to Desi’s diet and what I was feeding.  She explained why his diet could be the culprit of his high liver enzymes.  Throughout our conversation I was so impressed with her knowledge in so many areas.—Her her review and explanation of each value on the blood test report, to the detailed info she provided on pet nutrition and it’s role in overall health, as well as specific information she shared on the pet food industry. Her passion and continuous desire to learn in order to help animals in her care was undeniable.

Tazz, who takes a holistic and natural approach to diet and nutrition, provided me with a protocol which included food to feed, supplements to give, liver detoxing recipes, and treats to give. This protocol was not a one size fits all, but was developed based on Desi’s blood test, medical history, and other info we discussed during our meeting.  I left that day finally finding some comfort in that I actually had guidance and a plan, with solid rationale behind it, in effort to help Desi. Following Tazz’s advice to a tee, I retested Desi 6 weeks later and his liver enzymes were back to normal! I often think about this stressful time and how grateful I still am to have found Tazz.

Since that time, Tazz has been an integral part in a proactive approach to Desi’s  health and well-being as she guides me on how to adjust his diet and supplements based on any number of factors.  And Desi is doing great!!

I trust Tazz completely and don’t know where else I’d go to for information and unbiased advice on animal nutrition.  She is truly a rare find.

June 7. 2017

Elizabeth Weiss


Tazz also has an impressively deep knowledge of animal nutrition and supplementation. She knows the ingredients of dog foods like the back of her hand and her advice comes as much from competence as from caring and intuition as to what is the right match for the animal in question. She is one of the most compassionate and generous animal lovers I have ever met. I can recommend Tazz with all my heart.

Chris O'Sullivan

Dog Trainer

For almost 15 years I've relied on Tazz's advice and counsel to keep my dogs and cats in optimal health. She is the first person I turn to with any questions related to diet, nutrition and pet health. She has an incredible knowledge base that I trust completely. Over the years I've had to deal with animals who've had some serious medical conditions and Tazz has created diets for them that both helped to restore their health and enhance their quality of life. One of the most important things I appreciate about Tazz's experience is that it allows her to provide information and guidance that also works to complement traditional veterinary healthcare. So many necessary medications have unfortunate side effects that can be reduced or eliminated with proper supplementation and Tazz has that knowledge.

ABG Gellert & Harley

Tazz has been a lifeline for Harley since he was diagnosed with thyroid problems.  His treatment was only the first step in his recovery and I can't imagine better hands guiding me through the rest.

Karen Schleifer

I don't know where to begin with Tazz or if words could ever fully describe how indebted I am to her for many years to come with my 18 year old Yoda (tuxedo cat) and my 13 year old Foxy (calico).

Yoda has had hyperthyroidism for years, I went the conventional route as prescribed by so many vets - medication. After so many years on medication and his kidneys deteriorating- he started having seizures. I didn't know what to do at the time and was about to put him on anti-seizure medication (which I now know would have probably killed him because he just can't process it) when my dear friend Jane Aquilina introduced me to Tazz.  

From moment ONE I felt like I was talking to someone who has as much at stake as I did in my animals. Yoda's been with me for 18 years. That's longer than pretty much anyone else but my parents. Tazz fully explained to me what was happening with his nutrition, how changing it was integral to him living out his life with any kind of ease and comfort. I knew I couldn't "save" him, but I finally felt like I could make a difference in his life. Since taking all the measures that Tazz recommended, no only have his seizures gone from 2x's a month to maybe one every 2 months... (some of these are unavoidable) and he's happier, calmer and sometimes even friskier than he has been in many years... we started all this nutrition/supplements last December. He's more vocal, more outgoing again... just my old boy Yoda :)

In the middle of all this... Foxy gets breast cancer. I thought for sure Tazz would have said no surgery and we'd have her on a regimen similar to Yoda's... But she actually recommended (based on Foxy's particular case) surgery immediately. Because of everything Tazz recommended to get her into surgery and help her to heal quickly - Foxy was able to have the surgeries she needed in a very quick period of time...and she's now cancer free!  

Tazz was there for every step of everything for my animals, my babies really (I've had them both since they were weeks old) ... I often felt she had no other client but us... now THAT'S saying something. What's also amazing is how much knowledge Tazz has, and how she freely shares it... explains details on the why/how/etc...to enable me to make the best decisions for my babies. It's even taught me something about my own nutrition.

Making changes to your pets diet is as hard as us making changes to our own diets... they need the consistency as much as we do, if not more ... that's what I've learned from everything that Tazz has taught me. It took a few weeks for them to settle into the new food, but they did, and now they look forward to it... and the benefits are right there for me to see.. my babies are calmer, happier and generally healthier than they have ever been. 

Do yourself a favor.... call Tazz... you'll feel like you're in the hands of family. Your fur babies deserve it.