The first line of defense for a healthy pet is feeding the right foods – animals fulfill my soul… this is why I want to guide every pet owner in choosing the right foods for their pets’ individual needs.

I stepped into the world of pet nutrition to empower pet owners to take their pets' health and well being into their own hands. By understanding and learning the best way to care for your pets using whole foods, supplementation where necessary and knowing what questions to ask in order to get the best care from veterinarians and pet professionals, you can have the comfort of knowing that your pet’s health needs are properly addressed. The Petropolist was born as a result of having my own animals, spending a great deal of time with fellow pet owners and realizing how misleading the available information is about proper health and nutrition. The majority of information published is driven by pet food and product manufacturers whose interests, often times, are not aligned with what is best for you and your pet.

I’m a believer in proper nutrition and the tremendous value it can bring to the lives of both humans and animals.  There should always be a holistic approach when it comes to caring for our pets and by spending just a few minutes with owners like you, who care so deeply for your animals, I can guide you toward confidence in the choices you make for your pet’s well being.  This complete and balanced approach has been the way I have managed my life and the lives of the animals that have graced me with their presence and I hope to get the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.

- Tazz Latifi