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Petropolis NYC is an independent holistic pet specialty store located in the heart of NYC’s financial district. 

We specialize in grooming, pet foods, species appropriate nutrition and most importantly we partner with you in choosing the best food options for your pets individual needs and your lifestyle.  

Our job is to make sure your pets are healthy and your life is easy and stress free and, we deliver EVERYWHERE in Manhattan.


Catazztic and Doggytazztic Cuisine

The result of intense research into not only companion animal nutrition but also feline and canine food manufacturing, and honed by a decade of managing her retail store clients through the maze of food products, Tazz will launch Catazztic, a complete feline food in 2017 and Doggytazztic in 2018.

Catazztic Development and Product Benefits:

  • A top veterinary nutritionist has ensured that Catazztic is optimized to exceed AAFCO and NRC standards.
  • Two years of extensive palatability testing to ensure taste that entices the most-fickle cat
  • Food is cooked with minimal heat processing to maximize nutritional yield, then frozen. Catazztic can be shipped anywhere frozen.
  • Organic ingredients.
  • Fish are small, mercury-free, wild caught sardines, rich in natural Omega 3s.
  • Careful consideration given for cats with cancer and autoimmune disorders, who may not be able to be fed raw food.

The Doggytazztic food line will launch in 2018, and will follow the identical development guidelines and philosophy of Catazztic.

You’ll be able to purchase both products at Petropolis (91 Washington Street) or on the Petropolist website.