Love to play in the snow…

Ever wonder why so many dogs have diarrhea or become very sick a day or two after a snowstorm? 

First, blame yourself for giving him too many snacks on the day you were hunkering down because of the storm.
Did the little fur ball lick his paws after his walk in the snow, ice, salt and mush?  
Did you keep an eagle eye on her as she had her head down? 
Was she licking the snow that contains ice melt products? 

You cannot be nonchalant with your pets. It is our responsibility to keep them safe and clean. Use the proper fitting booties if possible or use paw wax to help reduce the irritation caused by the cold and chemical salts. Whether you use booties or paw wax you should wash your pets paws or wipe them completely with a wet washcloth after each and every outing. 

Ice melt products are toxic if ingested.  They are made from a variety of different salts, including rock salt, or calcium chloride. 
If you think your pet has ingested any toxic salts take them to a vet or an emergency pet hospital ASAP as they may be prone to a seizure or even death due to increased salt level in the brain.   

If you want to have fun in the snow with your dog or you just have to walk in the slush and mush because its unavoidable take the following steps to keep your pets from getting sick:
-    Use booties whenever possible or use paw wax to help reduce irritation from salts and chemicals. 
-    Thoroughly wipe all FOUR paws with a wet washcloth to clean all of the residue from the outside off  of your dogs underbelly, legs, butt and paws, 
-    Cut back on the treats,
-    Make sure your pets have lots of fresh water and even a little broth made without spices, onion or salt so they can stay hydrated.  

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