How to Date Your Vet or the Truth About Dry Food

Here is the low down – dry pet foods were created for financial gain starting in the 1930’s… grain manufactures and cereal companies needed to find a way to profit from what would normally be considered waste. These were the rejected grains such as wheat, rice and corn that failed USDA inspections for being moldy, rancid, or contained contaminant not safe for humans. The meat and the fish industries followed suit, using their waste and the meats that would not pass USDA inspection due to diseased/downed livestock as way to profit. Mixing these combinations of waste products was the basis of the pet food industry.  If you think times have changed… think again.

Stop the dry food no matter what the manufacturers' marketing gurus claim. Your pet will thrive on a high-quality, species-appropriate wet/canned, cooked or raw diet - fresh meats and produce are always the best nutrition, just like for us.

We have options – if the pet food manufacturers dump so much money into their advertising, do you really think they're focused on how much quality they're putting into those bags and cans?