Will you do "what ever it takes" to make sure your pet is ok?

I still listen to the radio when I run, so the other day, as I’m running The DJ on the radio starts reading a survey done by some veterinary pet insurance company about how far pet parents are willing to go to make sure their pets are healthy.  The survey was purely based on the monetary investment and although many pet parents claim they are “willing to do anything” that anything is based on a dollar value only (in this survey).

What I found incredibly appalling was the lack of understanding of how costly it is to take care of an animal, especially a sick animal - many pet parents think the vets are overpriced and should drop their prices…yes SOME vets ARE overpriced (especially if you live in NYC) but in general these doctors are dealing with crazy irrational humans that want a quick fix for whatever is ailing their pet and they want it at a discount…hmmm thank goodness there is pet insurance and this survey. Yes the overall cost of veterinary care can be prohibitive and more & more people choose euthanasia or assume that their pets are "ok" because the pet is not ‘complaining’ hence waiting until it is too late and much more needs to be done by the doctors to correct an issue that was ignored hence making the cost of care higher.  

One of the biggest issues with veterianry medicine is the lack of good doctors and those who understand & connect proper nutrition (eliminate dry processed foods & poor quality canned products) with the animals overall well being. As a pet owner, I not only want the platinum treatment which to me means that the doctor is knowledgable and doesn't just offer a pretty band-aid for my animals issues - I want someone that understands preventative care and is truthful about the industries poor quality where diet is concerned and the over use of vaccinations and drugs - I want someone who will be part of my animal's well  being and understands prevention is not just an annual visit but a daily activity that leads to better overall health.  This veterinarian is an innovator and an educator and someone that is smart enough to have created a team, a group of knowledgable professionals that understand pet owners dilemmas, limitations and their desire to want immediate gratification and how to deal with these people….yes it’s a huge process and one vet cannot do this - they need a team effort and not everyone needs to have a PHD but they need to be well educated and have common sense skills. I think many vets are lost to the idea of a team effort.

I am one of the lucky ones - I have a group of veterinarians & professionals that I have long relationships with beyond just my animals.  I get the special treatment because I know the questions to ask & understand the need for proper diagnostics to be able to get to the core of the issue, I also understand what prevention is and it is a part of my daily duties as a pet parent. 

There are 5 steps to managing your pets' well being: #1 is your time and effort to be part of the process and not walk blindly and assume that someone else will fix your dog without you making an effort. #2 have a team of knowledgable trustworthy professionals you can go to. #3 is financial (if you have a good vet he is worth every penny). #4 Prevention & proper nutrition #5 Know your pet.


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