I La’ ya Puppy - I think.

I’m kinda quoting a J Lo song  - yes just the "I La Ya" part, because it’s fitting but please know that in no way do I condone her choice to wear fur.  It’s completely asinine that in this day & age a celebrity like J Lo doesn’t give a crap about animal welfare.  She is gorgeous, sexy, and seems like a hell of a smart woman but is fashion so disconnected from suffering that they continue to electrocute and skin these animals in the name of hoity-toity fashion?  

The joe-schmo that buys her fur trimmed coat on sale at Macy’s doesn’t think twice about the fur trimming around the hood - meanwhile she has a dog she adores and would do anything for at home but she is willing to buy this coat with the fur trim? why are the average folk so oblivious? and why are the celebrities so disconnected from the reality of the pain their pleasures are causing?   It takes so little effort to shop with a conscience - imagine how much suffering can be eliminated because of the choices you make.  

If there is such a thing as re-incarnation or an after life and your choices in this life time affected your path in another realm what would you come back as? The fox in the trap that gets skinned alive for his fur so your ass can be warm or would you be one of 50 cats and dogs in a 2x4 crate in china waiting to be clubbed to death so their fur can be used for cheap trim on coats and other winter accessories.   http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/dogs_cats_fur/ 

The fur trade is lucrative because of the humans that continue supporting the fur industry by purchasing fur clothing. The industry will continue to cause pain and suffering because of the J Lo’s and the joe-schmo’s of the world who choose to continue to support it.  

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