What does "holistic" pet care mean…this is just the start

I get this question from my clients all the time - how do I care for my pet holistically, naturally?
The answer is simpler than you can imagine….KNOW YOUR PET.  
The best approach to proper care is to understand you pet inside & out - be an educated pet owner. 
Lets start with looking at the animal, its coat, eyes ears teeth, their gait.

Know your pets eating habits and preferences.

Know what their poop looks & yes, smells like

Know how often they urinate.  

Becoming familiar with their overall appearance and baseline behaviors allows you to see changes as they occur so that you can be preemptive in caring for their well being. 

What is normal for your pets may not be normal for your friends or neighbors pet so before you heed your neighbors advise get to know your dog and cat as a whole complete being. 

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