Oh What To Do When in Mourning

One of my clients just lost her 18 year old cat, her dead cat’s sibling has been distraught since his brother’s passing, Yowling, meowing crying as soon as mommy is out of the room or in the shower. Mom can even hear her yowling as she is leaving the the house to go to work.  My client is heartbroken and wanted to relieve her cat’s sense of loss while she was trying to handle her own grief of losing her friend of 18 years. 
Since she has been a long time client I knew the death of one cat came suddenly and she was unprepared (tough thing to prepare for no matter the circumstance)  - Luckily the living sibling was healthy but I was concerned that the loss and the grief would cause him to become ill and want to let go to be with his brother on the other side of the rainbow bridge.  

I told her to start with giving him the Vetri-science composure for  felines for 2 to 3 days - if this was not helpful I recommended a dose of homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla 30C which helps humans and animals alike deal with loss and grief - as I explained to her, this remedy will help because his grief and his sense of loss seems to be less apparent when he is sitting on his mommy’s lap or when she is home and he is near her - he is comforted by her presence.

Mom on the other hand wanted to be left alone and did not have the energy to speak or deal with anyone….for her I recommended some scotch or vodka or if she wanted to try Natrum muriaticum  30c  which is best used for pets and humans that are grieving  but have a need to be left alone and require personal time to heal and recoup.  

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