Just Saw An Ad For Cat Food

It’s so sad how much marketing effects the public's choice  - many people make more and more of their choices based upon the ads they see and they believe whatever the advertisements preach.  I had the TV on in the background and an ad for XXX company cat chow came on - cute cat, cute owner - owner is eating chips and looking despondent then she acknowledges that in order to feel well she has to eat well, open the fridge and there is a basket of veggies sitting in the foreground, then she opens the cabinet and there is a box of XXX company cat chow “naturals" in a green and earthy colored box.  In the background a voice tells the viewer that XXX company provides your cats with their "natural" diet of: Dry salmon flavored kibble….

Ok, cats are desert animals...is there fish in the desert? no, but there are rodents. They are obligate carnivores - they derive their energy and nutritional requirement from MEAT, mainly animal tissue, organ meats. These foods are full of natural fluids which the cat’s bodies store for proper overall health (especially urinary health). 

A cat does not have a dietary requirement for carbohydrates (look at the ingredients on the bag of cat food).What they would naturally consume, a prey diet, typically contains 70% water. Kibble has very little water and is loaded with carbohydrates. Yes, even the grain free kibble has carbs and an unbalanced amount of fat that a cat’s body cannot naturally handle for long term feeding.  Majority of pet owners want the best for their pet, it’s important to not believe the misguided direction of the advertisers.  I keep re-visiting this forum because it’s scary how quickly consumers are fooled and how easily they are led to believe that a box of dry kibble can give their pet longevity because the company paying for the ad says so. 

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