Thanksgiving Do's and Don'ts for your Pets

 Credit to Andy Simonds (

Credit to Andy Simonds (

You can most definitely share your Thanksgiving meal with your pets but just be mindful!

Here are the need to know facts:

  • No nuts 
  • No onions
  • No garlic (in moderation its’s fine but in the case of the holidays no one seems to be too moderate so we will keep it on the NO list)
  • No turkey skin or cooked bones
  • No grapes or raisins
  • No desserts - this includes any pie with or without chocolate
  • Stay away from spices (especially sage & nutmeg)
  • Please no stuffing - most folks don’t have a clue what the stuffing is made from and many recipes include nuts. 
  • No coffee, coffee grinds
  • No citrus

What you can give them:

  • Turkey muscle meat & gizzard
  • Veggies
  • Sweet Potato

Instead of their normal meal, make a plate of meat, veggies and sweet potato in proportion to your pet's size. The meat should be about 80-85% of the meal for canines and 90-95% for the felines and you can go ahead and mix in the appropriate veggies and sweet potato for the balance.

Have a wonderful day with your family, including the furry ones!